Why Curb Appeal Matters for Brentwood Real Estate

Why Curb Appeal Matters for Brentwood Real Estate

Even in gorgeous and upscale communities like Brentwood, curb appeal matters when selling your home. A lot goes into making a home attractive to prospective buyers on the Brentwood real estate market, including curb appeal — which is actually far more important than many sellers realize. Unfortunately, a great many homeowners overlook the curb appeal of a home when they put theirs on the market, which is a substantial mistake that can leave money on the table.

When you don’t put any effort into helping your home look good from the street view, you miss out on setting a good first impression, garnering higher offers on your listing, and even having buyers come in to view your home. Without unflattering curb appeal, you risk lowering the perceived value of your home and making it less intriguing compared to other Brentwood homes for sale.

To help more homeowners understand the impact that curb appeal has on their home value, we’ve gathered three reasons why curb appeal matters for Brentwood real estate.

First, what is curb appeal?

Curb appeal refers to how alluring your home is from the view available on the street. It essentially is the value of your home’s exterior. It refers to the level of attraction that a person might feel towards your home when looking at it from a distance. When your home has great curb appeal, it can sell much faster for more money since the view of the home has such a positive effect on potential buyers.

Keep in mind that while curb appeal can be subjective, several details go into making homes more attractive from the street. For example, a home will present well if it appears clean and in good condition. If the paint colors are compatible, the siding looks intact, the roof looks well-maintained, and the landscaping is cared for, a home is likely going to be attractive. Things like peeling paint, trash or toys in the yard, broken windows, and a decaying roof are all things that will cripple the curb appeal.

Why curb appeal matters for Brentwood real estate

1. Good curb appeal impresses visitors

When your home has a neat, tidy yard, a practical driveway, and a roof that’s properly maintained, it’s going to be attractive to anyone driving by or coming to visit. This includes potential buyers and also neighbors, friends, and family. When your home looks good from the curb, you’ve made a great first impression on anyone coming into your home. This can help make guests feel more at home and make potential buyers more inclined to present a competitive offer.

Having good curb appeal is also a great way to impress your neighbors and improve the reputation of your neighborhood and the local community. When your home looks good from the street, it encourages others to match your standards, helping create a more welcoming, inviting neighborhood.

2. Increase home value

When you improve your home’s curb appeal, you’re adding value to your property and helping it sell faster. Any time you plan to put a home on the market, you’re looking for a good price and a quick sale. When you have great curb appeal, you can get more viewers in to see your listing since the home looks wonderful, from their first impression all the way through to their last.

While homes tend to be appraised based on their interior features and conditions — making it difficult to determine exactly how much curb appeal adds to a property’s value — there’s no denying that well-maintained roofs, tidy lawns, and professional landscaping sell more homes than similar properties with exterior blemishes and ugly yards. If you’re hoping to maximize your property’s value, pay attention to the curb appeal.

3. Improve home convenience

Keep in mind that curb appeal doesn’t only refer to the home’s appearance. It’s not just to benefit other people or increase the dollars on a potential buyer’s offer, either. Improving your curb appeal often adds convenient, luxurious features.

Making sure your home has a tidy front yard reduces the risk of tripping and falling. You can also install an upgraded, automatic garage door that’s easy to open with a remote and a well-maintained driveway to keep your tires intact. Many homeowners investing in the curb appeal of their property install quality exterior lighting, some with motion-sensor activation, to help enhance convenience as they carry in groceries after dark.

Five ways to enhance curb appeal

Now that you have a good understanding of what curb appeal is and the huge benefits it provides for your home, you may want to consider specific things you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal. While curb appeal is somewhat subjective, and not everyone agrees on the best plants or paint colors, here are five ways you can guarantee to improve your home’s curb appeal.

1. A memorable front door

The one thing everyone notices when they enter your home is the path they all have to pass through to get inside: the front door. If you have a boring, uninteresting door, consider replacing it with something that makes a bigger statement or simply giving it a fresh coat of paint and updated handle set. Think about how your home looks from the street and choose a color for your door that pairs with the rest of your home, but don’t be afraid to choose something that makes an impression.

2. Landscaping

This is a big one. It includes grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, and more. It’s the front walkway and any under porch foliage. While you don’t want to blow your entire budget on landscaping, you do want to invest some time and money into making it appealing.

If you don’t know where to start, begin with the condition of the grass. Fill in any bald patches and mow so the lawn is even. Once the lawn is perfect, pay attention to any foliage near the front of the home, like flower beds and bushes. Trim down anything overgrown, dead, or becoming an eyesore. Replace unappealing bushes and plants with something you like better. Don’t forget to mulch to finalize the look.

There are endless things you can do to update your home’s front landscaping, but you want to be sure not to overdo it and that you pay attention to the areas that matter most. Consider standing on the street and looking at your home objectively, taking note of anything that stands out to you as unpleasant or unattractive. Get the big picture of the landscaping and make changes from there.

3. Clean

A great way to improve your home’s curb appeal is to simply get it cleaned. The siding, porch, and front walkway could likely use a thorough power wash to remove old grime and dirt. Clean the windows and screens, so they sparkle and reflect sunlight. You may be surprised at how fantastic your home looks after a thorough cleaning.

4. Tend to the roof

Prospective buyers pay a lot of attention to the roof of a home, and unsightly characteristics are powerful enough to turn away offers. On the other hand, a solid, clean roof is highly attractive to buyers and can prompt them into thinking your home is a good investment.

Take a good look at your roof and consider bringing in a professional contractor to check for damages, leaks, or other issues. Get the roof cleaned to preserve its lifespan and to prevent mold and mildew growth. Clean out the gutters to avoid overflow and protect the integrity of the roof. If there are any leaks, dents, or punctures, get them repaired.

5. Update exterior lighting

A lot of modern buyers of Brentwood luxury homes are looking for quality exterior lighting. Motion sensor-activated or smart lighting options are a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal at night.

The type and style of lighting you choose is one aspect of curb appeal that tends to be subjective, so consider all your options and choose one that best enhances your unique home. Make sure to add plenty of light to the porch, walkway, and garage area.

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There are so many things you can do to enhance the first impression potential buyers get of your home. While some of these projects may be more complicated than you anticipated, they are more than worth the effort, especially when it comes to resale.

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