How To Sell Your Home Using Biophilic Design

How To Sell Your Home Using Biophilic Design

How To Sell Your Home Using Biophilic Design?

The human connection with nature and biophilic patterns can be used as a tool for improving health and well-being in the residential built environment.
Learn about six principles of biophilic design and how to connect with Nature?

Biophilic design elements are shown to reduce stress, increase cognitive performance, improve healing, and positively affect emotion, mood, and preference (Browning et al., 2014). 

What are elements of biophilic design?
This includes plant life, water and animals, as well as breezes, sounds, scents and other natural elements. Common examples include potted plants, flowerbeds, bird feeders, butterfly gardens, water features, fountains, aquariums, courtyard gardens and green walls or vegetated roof.

Louv, 2008 suggested that the main difference between traditional sustainable design and BD is that 'sustainable or green design is essentially about conserving energy and leaving a small footprint on the earth; BD is about conserving energy and producing human energy'.  Source:

1. Environmental features

2. Natural shapes and forms

3. Restorative patterns and processes

4. Light and space

5. Place-based relationships

6. Evolved human-nature relationships

I am obsessed with this Modern Japanese garden design. It is an architectural masterpiece by Taliesin Fellow Robert Green under Frank LLoyd Wright. Floating granite platforms, bold design, positioning of stone, Mondo lawn and hand built walls and walks define this mid century home, using Japanese design practices with a modern edge. A garden without flowers, this carefully built viewing garden boasts an extensive rare conifer collection and remains a place of interest with garden enthusiasts and modernists alike.

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