The five most common reasons to put your home search on hold | Opendoor survey

The five most common reasons to put your home search on hold | Opendoor survey

Why would some house hunters decide to put their home search on hold?

The five most common reasons for putting their home search on hold:

  • Uncertainty with COVID-19
  • The market is intimidating
  • Not enough homes on the market
  • I haven’t decided where I want to live after I sell my home
  • I’ve already lost out on a few homes because of the competitive market
  • Pocket Listings are bad for customers

By age group, Generation X also appears to be the most concerned about finding major problems with a home they purchase and having to move quickly.
What are some major problems can be found with a home? 
Inspection. Inspection. Inspection.

The housing market has been very competitive over the past year as home buyers scramble for a limited number of homes on the market. Home shoppers’ top concerns are:

  • Finding a home I love that’s within my budget
  • Paying too much for my home
  • Finding a home in a neighborhood where I want to live
  • Interest rates increasing
  • Discovering major concerns after I’ve moved in

According to the Opendoor's survey, nearly 4 in 10 Americans who are looking to purchase a home in the next year say they’ve halted their search. While some buyers may want to stop searching due to some of concerns listed above, others are finding a tiny opening in the market lately. 

Los Angeles, CA

Homes Santa Monica 90403 and 90402


Sat Sep 25 2021
This week the median list price for Los Angeles, CA is $1,350,000 with the market action index hovering around 50. This is about the same as last month's market action index of 50. Inventory has decreased to 1,149.



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