Comprehensive Guide For First-time Sellers | Real Estate

Comprehensive Guide For First-time Sellers | Real Estate

How To Find The Right Buyer | First-time home seller guide

First, create a list of Non-negotiables:
1. Jot down your must-haves and deal breakers.
2. What’s your time frame to move?
3. What’s your budget for pre-listing home improvements?
4. What’s the minimum sale price you will accept?

Based on Zillow's report, the following 10 steps compile several of the best tips for selling your home:

  1. Identify your motivation for selling.
  2. Research the best time to sell in your area.

    Traditionally, the best time of year to sell your home, both to maximize your profits and to minimize time on market, has been the first half of May. Homes listed for sale in this window often sold six days faster than average and for $1,600 more, according to Zillow research. 2020, however, reset the rules, with the prime selling season extending well into the off season. 

    This selling window can vary based on your local real estate market, so check out your Zillow Owner Dashboard to learn which month is the best time to list in your local area. Your Owner Dashboard (which can be accessed after claiming your home), also shows your home’s selling price now, compared to the ideal selling month, and it’s based on seasonal sales patterns in your area.

  3. Commit to a representation strategy.
  4. Complete home improvements.
  5. Price your home competitively.
  6. Stage your house to sell.

    Preparing your home to sell should also include arranging your furniture, organizing and decorating in a way that appeals to the widest range of potential buyers.

    Staging your home can take many different forms and require varying levels of effort, but here are a few key tips:

    Declutter, clean and depersonalize: Too much stuff in a room can make your home feel small, crowded and lacking in storage. And having too many personal items, like family photos, can make it hard for buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

    Select a staging plan that fits your needs: There are multiple degrees of home staging to choose from, based on your budget, timeline and how valuable staging is in your local area. Some staging can be done in a DIY manner, while other larger staging projects are typically completed by a professional. 

    Pare down pets’ and kids’ belongings: While many buyers are pet owners or parents of young kids, they want to visualize their own families in the home, not yours. Take the time to repair pet damage, remove pets’ belongings, and clear away kids’ items like gates, highchairs and piles of toys.

  7. Market your listing effectively. 
    Your agent will help you to market your home. 
  8. Watch for closing hurdles.
  9. Move out.
  10. Fulfill closing obligations.

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