5 Best Real Estate Reality TV Shows

5 Best Real Estate Reality TV Shows

Real estate reality TV can teach you about the industry. They’re a great way to gather inspiration for your own renovations, discover trends, and enjoy others’ real estate highs and lows. Whether you're just curious about buying or selling a home or you're looking to get into the real estate business, these five shows are worth a watch.

House Hunters

House Hunters began airing in September 1999 and has only increased in popularity over its two-decade run. With several spin-offs including House Hunters International and House Hunters on Vacation, this series has become legendary among real estate television. Each episode features a homebuyer (typically a couple) looking for a home in a specific city or country. They tour three properties and must decide between them, encountering different obstacles along the way. Buyers face multiple challenges like finding a dream property at an outrageous price or falling in love with a home in an ideal location that lacks desired amenities. The show is fascinating to watch as it gives a behind-the-scenes look at the process of buying a home. It also provides helpful tips for anyone in the market for a new house, like preparing for visits with real estate agents, hosting open houses, and entertaining family discussions about home preferences. Residents of Brentwood might particularly enjoy Season 187, Episode 1: “Dreaming in Los Angeles” and Season 207, Episode 7: “To Live and Buy in Los Angeles.”

Dream Home Makeover

Netflix's Dream Home Makeover follows the process of transforming a home from start to finish. The show is hosted by husband-and-wife team Shea and Syd, who own the design firm, Studio McGee. Shea was one of the first Instagram home design influencers and has garnered a reputation for her elegant design approach. Shea and Syd share a passion for making their clients' homes beautiful and functional.
In each episode, Shea and Syd work with a family to help create the home of their dreams. Fans enjoy the show because it provides a behind-the-scenes look at the design process and offers helpful tips for anyone interested in renovating their home. Residents and prospective buyers of Santa Monica luxury homes will particularly enjoy Episode 4: “Los Angeles Hideaway.”

Property Brothers: Forever Home

Property Brothers: Forever Home is another great show for anyone interested in the renovation process. The show follows the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, as they help homeowners renovate their homes. Property Brothers: Forever Home focuses on renovations designed to last, with the brothers encouraging homeowners to consider the property as their “forever home.”  Drew and Jonathan aren't interested in trendy renovations that people will tire of in a few years; they want to help families make functional and attractive changes. Superfans and those interested in appearing on the show, particularly Brentwood or Santa Monica residents, should note that HGTV is casting in LA for renovations starting in Spring 2022!

Self-Made Mansions

Self-Made Mansions on HGTV is another popular show perfect for anyone interested in luxury homes. It follows self-made millionaire entrepreneurs and creative geniuses searching for their dream homes. The show focuses on each client’s home search journey through several luxury suggestions. Fans appreciate this show, hosted by Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear fame, since it offers a unique look at dream home shopping for those who recently came into wealth. Self-Made Mansions is worth a watch for those interested in learning more about the luxury home market.

Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset follows the dramatic lives of real estate agents at the prestigious Oppenheim Group of Southern California. Each episode of this popular Netflix series focuses on the buying and selling process in Los Angeles, but from the agents' perspective. Selling Sunset follows agents at the prestigious Oppenheim Group of Southern California. Fans of the show particularly enjoy the drama that unfolds in the office and the agents' personal lives. With four seasons already available, this is an entertaining show to binge-watch when you have the time. Although the release date of Season 5 has not been announced, it is likely to premiere in early 2022. 

Honorable mention: Holmes Family Rescue

Holmes Family Rescue on HGTV is a top choice for those interested in home renovation. The show follows the Holmes family as they renovate properties that are a danger to the current residents. This show offers detailed information on the issues homeowners face as homes age and how to tackle the renovation and restoration process. Known for leaving viewers feeling good, Holmes Family Rescue leaves viewers with a guaranteed happy ending to each project. If you're interested in learning more about home renovation or just want to see beautiful home upgrades, then check out Holmes Family Rescue.

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Regardless of which real estate reality TV show you enjoy the most, each offers something to learn about the real estate business. Just be sure that when you’re ready to renovate your property, you reach out to a local interior designer or contracting professional for assistance with the renovation process. This will help ensure the project gets done correctly, and boosts your home’s value—rather than damaging it.

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